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Can You Compost Dog Poo?

Can You compost dog poo?

This a great question and one we get numerous times.

Are you worried about the potential dangers? Then we hope our guide will dispel any fears and help you on your way to reducing your plastic paw print even further and providing your garden with some extra nutrients. Think of it as your dog helping you do the gardening.

But isn't dog poo harmful?

Yes, dog poop is considered an environmental hazard, because if the dog has worms or another disease, it will be present in their poop. Your dogโ€™s poop is made up of three-quarters water, undigested food, carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, and fats. Not forgetting the bacteria that'll be present in your dogโ€™s digestive system.

But don't let the above alarm you, as the above mentioning can be transformed into a nutrient for your garden all by simply deciding to compost your dog's poop. In fact, this method will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

How To Compost

There are two options available to you. Each as good as the other, it all boils down to personal preference.

  1. The first way is to build or buy a container made out of wood, metal or plastic. You'll then add organic matter - grass cuttings, leaves, dead plant trimmings and fruit and veg scraps. Sawdust is a great addition as it's a source of food for the microbes - Also newspaper trimmings and strips of cardboard.

  2. The second process would be to use a wormery to compost your dog's poop. This process will break down the waste and turn it into vermicompost and liquid fertiliser, just like a regular wormery that recycles food waste.

We'll be focusing our attention on the first option but we highly recommend checking out the highlighted article for the best advice and tips for using a wormery- can you put dog poo in a wormery?

Remember, you don't need to take the poop out of compostable dog poop bags as these are the optimal conditions for compostable poop bags - Poop will need to be taken out of degradable and biodegradable bags before being placed in the compost pile/wormery.

Regular Maintenance

The most important part of the process. Failure to keep on top of your composting pile will render the contents useless as the dog poop will still be a potential hazard to yourself and others.

Each week, you will need to turn your compost pile. This introduces oxygen to the contents of the pile, enabling the organic matter to break down with minimal odour. The contents should be kept moist. Add water but not too much (ensure your compost heap is covered to prevent over-saturation by the rain).

Aim to keep the temperature of your compost pile at a range between 135ยฐ -160ยฐ Fahrenheit - as this kills pathogens and viruses, rendering it safe to use.

Using Your Compost

Look for the following signs that your compost is ready to use. It should look, feel and smell like rich, dark earth rather than rotting vegetables. In other words, it should be dark brown, crumbly and smell like earth.

When the above is achieved add to your desired hanging baskets and flower beds.


We hope our introduction to composting dog poop was of some help. Please feel free to add any more usefull tips , success stories and information below.
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