Reasons to switch to Bag And Boop Compostable dog poop bags

dogs with compostable dog poop bags made from cornstarch
  • SAVE MONEY: 50p -£1 per box cheaper than the market leading brands.
  • MORE BAGS PER BOX: Our standard box contains 80 bags (compared to the standard 60 bags). Also available in 240 bag money-saving bundles.
  • NO ANNOYING STICKER THAT RIPS THE FIRST BAG: We have a kraft paper sleeve at the beginning of the roll.
  • SAVE 15% with our poop bag subscription service.
  • Plastic-free, made from renewable resources - Cornstarch.
  • Leak proof, strong & tear resistant - Pick up poo with confidence, no leaks or finger through bags incidents.

Join us and make the switch today

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