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Compostable Dog Poo Bag Bundle (240 bags)

Compostable Dog Poo Bag Bundle (240 bags)

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Save money when you buy in bulk with our three-box bundle - which provides you with 240 Compostable dog poo bags (three boxes of 80 bags).

No plastic waste, no annoying sticker that tears the bag underneath, and more money in your pocket. What's not to love? Make the switch today to our plastic-free 100% compostable dog poo bags. 



  • Plastic-free
  • Subscribe and save 15%
  • Made from renewable plant-based materials (Cornstarch).
  • During degradation, they leave behind ZERO MICRO-PLASTICS just soil-enriching nutrients CO2 and H2O.
  • Strong (18 microns thick) and leakproof.
  • Large size - 230mm x 330mm.
  • Unscented and chemical-free - zero synthetic perfumes used to mask/hide the odour.
  • More bags per box - each box contains four rolls of 20 bags (80 bags per box), compared to the standard four rolls of 15 bags - 60 per box.
  • Say goodbye to sticker sabotage, thanks to our kraft paper sleeve that encases each roll. #saynotostickersabotage
  • Packaging, roll cores and kraft sleeve are all recyclable.


If home composting only dispose of in compost intended for trees and non-edible plants and flowers only. DO NOT DISPOSE OF IN COMPOST INTENDED TO GROW VEGATABLEs.

Care, Storage & Warnings

To avoid suffocation please Keep bags away from children and animals.

Store in a cool dry place. Use within 12 months of purchase.

Dispose of bags responsibly!

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